Top Three Luxury Watches

Ever heard of a million dollar watch, one that is even more expensive than the vehicles most people drive. It by far surpasses all that you have seen on display at your local luxury watch shop. The quality, elegance and skill level in it is simply amazing. Whenever you buy this item, be sure that you are making such a gigantic investment. Whenever you decide to purchase any of the luxury watches, don’t be in a rush, consider any of these three and come up with a great choice.

Hublot Classic Fusion, this is a $1 million item. There are only eight pieces in it; this unique feature allows it cost to escalate. There are baguette diamonds that cover its surface. This coverings are found from the case to the to the openwork dial. A team of 15 persons had to be engaged to be involved in the cutting of the pieces in the watch.


With more than 2000 hours being used in the cutting of the pieces and the quality control, you can be sure that every piece is surely worth its cost. In fact, this is one of the most expensive items ever made by the Hublot Company.

The Roger Dubious Excalibur, this luxury item finds its way to the million dollar list, thanks to its case. The pure silicon cover is the first of its kind to be ever made. The best part of the material is that its half the weight of titanium but four times hard. Another great part of the item is the RD101 movement. The four spring balance work in pairs to eliminate the effect of the gravity. This results in a more accurate and reliable item, the Excalibur has a price tag of 1 million Swiss franc, this is more than one million dollars.


Jaeger-le Coulter, this watch boast of 1300 parts, all of which are custom made. It has the capacity to play the big ben chiming sequence. The item that came into the market in 2009 has a price tag of more than $1.4 million dollars. This is an amazingly large price for such piece of an item. Nevertheless, it is surely worth it. The fact that great expertise and time has been used up in the designing and coming up with such an item, you can be sure everyone will notice it from a distance.


Must have features of these luxury watches:

The crystals, these are the glass covers of the watches should be clear and solid.

The metal that encases the watch should be well smooth, and free from any scratches and dents.

The strap of the watch, weather made of leather or cloth, should always be strong and of high quality.

Always ensure that all the pieces of the watch are smooth and scratch free when going for any item. They should also be shiny if they are of the right quality.

Final thought

Luxury items go hand in hand with the price, but you can always be sure that cheap will look cheap. Getting a superior workmanship ensures lifelong products and a great opportunity to show your status.

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