The Best Most Luxurious Neighbourhoods in the World

These are the most luxurious neighbourhoods in the world, but they are also the most interesting, and the least known as compared to Beverly Hills or South Beach. These three neighbourhoods hit the top of the charts when it comes to top best kept secrets of luxurious neighbourhoods. These three neighbourhoods are also a bit special with character and a bit of pizzazz and history to each one of them. The first one is Romazzino Hill. If you haven’t ever been to Italy, Sardinia is definitely a place you should sightsee in if you love luxury and lifestyle. This area has a price per square metre of $40,950. The price change per year is stable as well of the homes in these areas. Some very famous people in the area include the Saudi Arabian politician named Ahmed Zaki Yamani, and the steel company tycoon Alexei Mordashov. There are also some royal family members from Qatar who live in this very affluent area. The area known as Costa Smerelda in Sardinia turned this into a holiday retreat in the 1960s having turned the area basically into a billionaire’s playground. The luxury collection hotels in the area include the Cala di Volpe, and the Romazzino. These areas are absolutely stunning.

The next place in the world that you will want to look into is Cap Ferrat in France. Cap Ferrat is not a well known area like Beverly Hills, but it is every bit as expensive, valued at $79,000 per square metre. There are plenty of famous and rich people who live there and who own holiday homes there. These include people like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Paul Allen, and even in the past, Charlie Chaplin. This beautiful area in the South of France is in the most richest non urban location of the world. The Cap is a playground and Mecca for the rich and the famous. Amongst the most beautiful hotels is the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat.

Finally, Hong Kong has always been known as one of the major financial centres in history. The area of luxury in Hong Kong is known as The Peak. The area is called Pollock’s Path in the area of the Victoria Peak. This is actually ranked as the number one most luxurious and expensive area. The famous Stephen Chow of Hong Kong cinema and the top HSBC leaders live in this area. The panoramic views over Hong Kong island makes it the world’s number one most expensive and luxurious area. One apartment in this area actually costs 800 million dollars. The area has a tram to get to the top of the peak, and a number of properties near the top of the peak with a walkway that helps you to view the whole of Hong Kong Harbour.

These are the three most interesting and expensive places to live in the world. The luxury you will find in these areas is unprecedented and beautiful. With character and style, these areas shine in luxury amongst the worlds neighbourhoods.

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