The city on the sea – Dubrovnik

The city on the sea - Dubrovnik

I had always heard of the city on the sea – Dubrovnik. I longed for this destination that was protected by medieval walls and a lot of support from legends. I loved history and culture, a reason why this town turned out to be a great success among all the other places that I had visited before. Planning the journey was not demanding at all. I could obviously find myself...

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The top three most luxurious travel destinations in the world

The top three most luxurious travel destinations in the world

Thinking of taking a luxurious getaway? Well, choosing the perfect destination can present a challenge even after piling up hours of plenty research. The bottom line is, you want to unwind in a serene setting during the long winter months without having to worry about the daily hassles and bustles associated with the city-life. Below, we have compiled a list of the top three...

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Hong Kong – A Tourist’s Delight

Hong Kong - A Tourist's Delight

Hong Kong is considered to be among the most attractive, significant, lively and ethnically rich destinations in the world. This island city is well-known for its wide range of shopping places, bustling nightlife, brilliant food and is regarded as a cultural haven. It is a stunning place that presents a superfluity of things that one can do during their stay here....

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3 Top Class Holdiays o the Seven Seas

3 Top Class Holdiays o the Seven Seas

Chartering a yacht or going on family cruise seem to be getting more and more popular. We often associate cruising and yacht holidays with the ultimate in luxury. It is indeed nice to be able to spoil yourself, and treat your family to a special experience. Going on a cruise, or chartering a yacht, can really open your eyes to a different way of traveling. Many yacht charter...

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