What is tantra massage

Brought to the rest of the world from India, Tantra is the deepest knowledge of the human being. It includes Tantric Yoga, Tantric massage and Tantric sex. Although Tantra was first introduced over 6000 years ago, it is still very modern and revolutionary. Tantra is the only spiritual tradition that has managed to connect heaven and earth in the most natural way and to transcend our energy.

The word Tantra means “weaving”, thereby signifying durability, and in the broadest sense methods. Tantric school sees everything as divine and does not distinguish between body and spirit. On the contrary, Tantra sees the body as a manifestation of the spirit. By tantra, this world is a game of male and female energy, Shiva and Shakti.

Tantra means personally experimenting with physical and sexual pleasures as a path to enlightenment and salvation.
Tantra is the cult of ecstasy. It is a personal religion based on the mystical experience of joy.

Sex is something sacred for Tantra. Tantric art, writing and religious rituals celebrate sex. With Tantra people use all the senses, their mind and spirit to reach the mystical peaks.

Tantra encourages healing through deep relaxation, reduces stress, breaks energy blockages, detoxifies, releases pain and body tension and balances the whole human being. On the psychological level, Tantra encourages man’s creative abilities and talents.

Tantric massage is a type of Ayurvedic massage that comes from India and is more than just a massage of the body. Ayurveda is the knowledge of life and was created in ancient Indian medicine. It combines the experience of ancient philosophers and the ancient wisdom of religious sages Rishis. It is a form of traditional medicine, based on “the full range of life”, the world and the natural way of life.

To do the Tantric massage properly, the person who is performing the massage must learn the basic and advanced principles of Tantra and meditation. There is an intimate connection between tantra and sacred consciousness.

Tantra massage is used, so that two people could reach the experience unity. During that experience, there are two principles, two complementary polarities: Shakti (female) and Shiva (male).

With the Tantric aspect of view, the beginning of life was a big explosion of enjoyment, excitement, connection of the male and female principles.
Tantric massage begins with the ancient Tantric rituals and meditation, in order to focus on energy points of the body and the spiritual connection with the whole universe. In short, this type of massage is unique and a special type of massage, with its specific features. The massage particularly focuses on feelings and emotional state, rather than on the physical aspect.


Tantric massages are usually slow, light and especially sensual. To achieve the ideal effect you should pay attention to massaging the whole body. Tantric massages are a combination of a relaxing massage of the whole body and the stimulation of erogenous zones. Erogenous zones are not only sexual organs, but also many other points on the body of every man and woman.

The sexual energy can cure us and extend our lives, and if we are able to experience deep happiness in a sexual experience, we are able to experience the full regeneration, not only of our life but also the lives of those who are with us. With regularly practicing Tantra, you can achieve the complete regeneration of the body, soul and spirit.

If you feel anxious, tired, curious, or if you are sexually inexperienced, maybe even sexually blocked, you should see a professional massage therapist. After the Tantric treatment, you will be full of energy and feel reconnected with your body and soul.

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