Concider Manhattan for your new place of living

Manhattan is definitely a huge part of what makes New York City so great. Some of the things that make Manhattan such a prestigious place to live is their restaurants, the skyscrapers, walking between neighborhoods is not time-consuming, they have lots of job opportunities compared with other boroughs in the city, food and drinks reasonably priced, very cheap taxi service, there is so much more available for shoppers, sightseers, and parks, and rap mogul Jay Z even bought a penthouse there.

Manhattan has some of the finest food in New York City..S’mac, located near first avenue, offers a huge list of macaroni & cheese dishes served graciously in hot skillets with the cheese browned on top. They also have an excellent cheeseburger mac & cheese. The Burger Bistro, now located in the upper east side of Manhattan, uses the finest ingredients and it is where the customer’s experience comes first. The menu has over 2 million burger combinations, one of the reasons this place is the best of the best. For dessert lovers, there is the Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cake Cake Shop on Ludlow St. in the lower east side. It is known as one of the top 10 date spots in New York City.


Most things in Manhattan are in walking distance of a particular apartment you may be living in. There is shopping for clothing and jewelry, a wide variety of sensational restaurants, high quality parks, very close proximity to many workplaces, places to go to drink beer and wine, and there is always music-related activities going on. In addition, the culture in Manhattan is deep, filled with people of many different ethnic groups and backgrounds. Services, such as dry cleaners, are also easily available.

Manhattan bridge

Another thing that makes living in Manhattan so prestigious is the amount of job opportunities there is. It is the perfect place to get started in a career in advertising, fashion, or dancing. Many celebrities got their start in the city, and they became successful through connections made there. The salary one can obtain by working in Manhattan is by far one of the biggest attractions to people seeking gainful employment. Though the salaries may be high, expenses in the city are often far more than in rural areas.


There are additional benefits to living in Manhattan that makes it one of the most prestigious places to live in the entire world. It is far safer to live in Manhattan than in other places, where the rent is cheaper. Higher prices translate into better services and a safer living experience. It is much easier to manage your life with your pet also. There are plenty of spaces, where individuals and families can take their dog for a walk. The exercise is much needed and provides mutual benefits to the owner and dog. There are also parks made specially for dogs and paths to take dog runs. If you can afford it, there is really not much you will not like about living in Manhattan.

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