3 Top Class Holdiays o the Seven Seas

Chartering a yacht or going on family cruise seem to be getting more and more popular. We often associate cruising and yacht holidays with the ultimate in luxury. It is indeed nice to be able to spoil yourself, and treat your family to a special experience.

Going on a cruise, or chartering a yacht, can really open your eyes to a different way of traveling. Many yacht charter and cruise holidays take you to some unusual places which you would perhaps otherwise not discover.

Cruising holidays and yacht charters are available all over the world, and you can go far a field or stay closer to home.

Yacht Charter Rent in Croatia

Split is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and this is where many Croatian yacht charters start from. You should certainly take the opportunity to explore Split before you start your yacht holiday. It is a historic city with many hidden treasures.

The most popular time to charter or rent a yacht in Croatia is during the summer months of June, July and August. To make sure you are not disappointed, it is best to book early to get the yacht of your choice.

Before you book it is important to establish how many persons are going to make up your party. Three cabins will comfortably cater for 6 people and a two cabin yacht will cater for 4 persons.


Many of the charter companies based in Split, Croatia will provide a full charter service which will include your crew, fuel and all inclusive food and drinks. This is perhaps the best way to book a yacht charter package if you are new to this type of holiday. Expect to pay between €5,300 to €8,000 per week. If, you do have specialized requirements, a yacht charter could cost more. You should always get all prices in writing before you book.

A Caribbean Escape

Holland and America is perhaps one of the world’s best established cruise lines. They offer cruises all around the world but are perhaps most famous for their Caribbean cruises. Unlike many other upmarket cruise lines, they are happy to cater for the younger members of the family as well. Many of their cruise ships are family friendly and offer great facilities for children.

Their ships are not the largest around, and on a cruise with Holland and America you may have the opportunity to explore some of the smaller ports and islands around the Caribbean. They also offer some really excellent shore excursions, and their excursion package can only be described as a bit more tailored made when compared to others.

sunset sail

As with many other cruise lines, they have special offers all the time. Holland and America are well known for their generous on board credit offers, and you can receive as much as $3,000 on a longer cruise.

In all depends on your choice of cabin, but a balcony cabin for a family of four may cost in between $8,000 to $12,000 depending on the season.

Cunard Around the World

Cunard is perhaps the best cruise line to opt for if you would like to try a world cruise, or cruising your way around the world. The great thing about world cruises with Cunard is that they can be broken up in stages.

If, you don’t have time to make it all the way around the world in one go, you can complete one leg year one year and come back for the following leg the next year.

Cunard has the most amazing range of port stops and you can cruise around India, and many other destinations such as Australia and New Zealand.

They may not cater very well for the younger members of the family and this should perhaps be considered as adults only cruise. Expect to pay about £2,500 per person for a 15 night cruise in a balcony cabin. On board credit is less generous but the experience is sensational, and you may want to book again as soon as you get home. Be aware that all beverages are very expensive on board Cunard, and you should consider booking a drinks package before you travel.


There are so many amazing places to see around the world, and we often forget that visiting them by sea is an excellent alternative to staying in a hotel in one location for a week. Whether you are considering a yacht charter or rent in Croatia, or boarding a luxury cruise ship, you will always have the convenience of having your personal belongings close to hand. Yachting and cruising are bothvery convenient ways to travel.

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